All games for Monday night, April 14th have been cancelled due to the continuing rainfall.
All fields within the East Montgomery complex are closed due to weather until Tuesday (4/15) at noon.
Batting cages are available on a first come first serve basis.
Teams are limited to one hour in the cage if additional teams are waiting for a cage.
League News

Background Checks

All Managers/Coaches are required to complete an annual background check! Click here for more info

Coaching Certification

All coaches must be certified and provide a copy of their certification card to their League President!

Doyle Baseball
Doyle will not be doing a live clinic this year, but you can complete the Doyle clinic online HERE

Concussion Injury Training

This year, Dixie Youth will require all coaches and managers to complete a concussion injury training and have a certificate of completion in order to coach in post-season tournaments. East Montgomery is strongly encouraging this training for all managers and coaches.

This FREE training course takes about 30 minutes and can be found HERE.
Baseball News

Rule Changes Regarding Bats

  • Non-wood 2 1/4 bats manufactured by a licensed bat company clearly marked approved for Dixie Youth Baseball and stamped BPF1.15 will be legal for Dixie Youth play
  • Old 2 1/4 aluminum bats that do not have the 1.15 stamp are allowed for play if stamped with the "Approved for Dixie Youth Play"
  • Composite 2 1/4 bats are legal with the 1.15 and "approved for DYB" with manufacture date stamp of 2011 or later
  • If it does not have the BPF1.15 stamp, it is legal only if on the Dixie Youth approved bat list
  • 2 5/8 " bats are approved for ozone only
Softball News


EARRINGS - If you are thinking about getting your child's ears pierced, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU WAIT UNTIL AFTER SOFTBALL SEASON since the girls cannot wear earrings while playing softball. This applies to all ages - no exceptions.

HELMETS - Dixie Youth passed a rule directing that helmets not contain any artwork that could resemble the shape, color or size of a softball. Although EM has not enforced this issue, please be advised that this matter is up to the discretion of the umpires and any player wearing a helmet that meets this criteria may be asked to remove said helmet.